Alfred Almond Dovelet

Alfred Almond Dovelet

Name Alfred Almond Dovelet
Date of birth 15th October 2017.
Microchip number 941 000 021 577 310
Pedigree number MET.Leonb.343/H/18
Pedigree Click!
Sire Afrojack Bear from Castle “Rocky”
Dam Bambi Lady Maxilev
Breeder Alexandra Sopirová
Owner Anita Turnáczki Andrásné Farkas
Address Göd
Kennel name
Website Facebook page
HD result HD A
ED result ED 0
LPN result LPN1+2 N/N free, LEMP N/N free
Eye examination
Other examination DCM N/N free (28th February 2020.)
DNA profile (21st October 2020.)
Show results HJCH
Top 1st Puppy Male of the Year 2018
Top 4th Adult Male of the Year 2019
11x CAC, 4x Res.CAC
6x CACIB, 5x Res.CACIB
5x BOB, 1x BOG
Breeding exam Breedable – from 12th July 2020. till 12th July 2023.
Height 75 cm
Matings 2nd + 3rd June 2020. Medvebergi Maszkos Kennel
Female: Medvebergi Maszkos Kuglóf
Puppies: 5 males + 3 females

22nd + 24th + 26th June 2020. Winterhart-Weissgold Kennel
Female: Winterhart-Weissgold Mandie Minerva Mango
Puppies: 1 female

10th + 11th November 2020. Medvebergi Maszkos Kennel
Female: Zúgó Pataki Pajkos Baccara
Puppies: 0

10th December 2020. Amicus Familiaris Kennel (RO)
Female: Medvebergi Maszkos Kajszi
Puppies: 0

15th + 16th July 2021. Hosszúvölgyi Pajkos Kennel
Female: Zúgó Pataki Pajkos Bahar
Puppies: 3 males + 4 females

18th + 19th August 2021. Leon del Dion Kennel
Female: Perle des Lebens Becky
Puppies: 1 male (+ 1 stillborn male)

12th + 13th January 2022. Hosszúvölgyi Pajkos Kennel
Female: Zúgó Pataki Pajkos Betsabe
Puppies: ?