Leonberger Club Day, Specialty- & Hobby Dog Show


Dear our Visitors!

We kindly invite every leonberger lovers – and their families – to our Club Day held on 8th April 2017. in Agard at the beautiful lake Velencei-tó. We also organize a Leonberger Specialty- and Hobby Dog Show. Furthermore after the show there will be possibility for playing and bathing together in the lake Velencei-tó. The place will be the Napsugár Strand, which is a beach surrounded by fence. This beach will be open only for us on that day, so we can calmly let free our dogs at the play time.

If you want to enter to the Specialty- or the Hobby Dog Show, then you can find all the necessary informations in Events -> Programs.

It will be an awesome day, come on, we’re looking forward to meet you!